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Weed the Negative. Water the Positive.

Weeds don’t need help to grow. They don’t need water, sunlight, fertilizer … or encouragement. They just show up on their own – with no invitation to the party.

They’ll even push their way up through concrete if they have to. They’ll find a way

to show up at your door … and ruin your garden.

What’s negative is always out there. It’s always available. Fortunately, what’s positive is always out there too. Good news is always available. The difference is that what’s good needs a little help. It requires our active participation. We have to invite it into our homes … and into our lives. We have to nurture it, cultivate it, encourage it, and give it a good reason to stick around for a while.

It’s easy for actors – especially during lean times – to sit at a bar and complain about our agents, booking ratios, and relative level of success compared with those around us. Milton Berle said, “when happiness shows up, give it a comfortable seat.” Uncle Milty was right. And, just for today, let's give happiness a hot cup of coffee and a cheese danish … to let it know it’s always welcome in our homes.

Just for today – look for what’s good and what’s still possible in your career, your future, and your life. Show your appreciation when it arrives at your door. Look for the good news and give it a few good reasons to stay. And then give it a few good reasons to come back and visit you on a regular basis.


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