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"It is an absolute no-brainer to include this outstanding collection of one-minute monologues in a young actor's arsenal. While these well-delivered monologues would undoubtedly be worthy of a callback, the positive messages they impart provide benefits no matter the result of the audition. Teens will walk away with a backbone and integrity. Highly Recommended."

~ The Children's Book Review

"Teens interested in acting or public speaking will find no better resource for audition material. These one hundred one-minute selections provide a plethora of material that is positive and uplifting as wells as modern and applicable to the world of today's youth."

~ Barbara Ann Mojica's Blog

"Scenes for Teens is more than a book filled with 50 original comedy and drama scenes; it's a book filled

with wisdom, love and compassion. Scenes that educate and teach teens the importance of listening and communicating while becoming not only a better actor, but a better human being."
- Casting Networks

"Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Scenes for Teens: 50 Original Comedy and Drama

Scenes for Teenage Actors" is ideal for high school drama department curriculums. Very highly recommended for personal, professional, community theater and community library instructional actor training collections."
- Midwest Book Review

"Well done, Mike! These teen scenes are funny, touching, accessible and great teaching tools not only for

acting but for life."

- Emily Mann                    

  Artistic Director & Resident Playwright, McCarter Theatre Center 

  National Theatre Conference Person of the Year, 2011 

"Great job, Mike! The scenes are well written, interesting, full of comedic touches and special insights. They play well and include valuable lessons. I like them all. They are an excellent collection for any youngster interested in honing their craft."
- William Wellman Jr.
Actor, Writer, and Producer
Wild Bill, Hollywood Maverick

"The material is clean and family-friendly, encouraging better connection and understanding between kids, parents and grandparents. Many scenes include life lessons and ethical questions for young people to consider. The intention is to provide a strong, easy-to-use alternative to the available scene material for youth, much of which is negative, sarcastic, and mean-spirited."
- Astro's Adventures Book Club

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