"An author ought to write for the youth of his own generation, the critics of the next,  

                       and the schoolmasters of ever afterwards."  

                             – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Scenes for Teens

ISBN 9781497557031


A teaching tool to help simplify and demystify the acting and auditioning process for

teenagers, teachers and parents. The scenes are written for two actors, are gender-neutral,

and intentionally exclude costumes, props, overly-complex stage directions, entrances and exits, and extraneous additional characters. The overall goal is to help young performers practice dialogue in a conversational and realistic manner. This allows actors to focus on

the one-on-one relationship in each scene without distractions.                     


Appropriate for stage, film, and television training. Features an inspiring foreword by

Kevin Sorbo and a clear introduction to the art and business of professional acting by

the author.

Acting Scenes for Kids and Tweens

ISBN 9780998151304


The follow-up book to Scenes for Teen has been in the works for a long, long time. It is similar in theme and style to Scenes for Teens,

but is geared towards younger performers – ages 6 to 13.


The intent is to train young actors to develop conversational speaking and listening skills for stage and screen. The book features a highly  personal foreword  by Disney's Anita Barone and a broad range of scene material.


Monologues for Teens 

ISBN 9780998151311

I couldn't resist ... so I didn't! Hope you will like the result ...

Monologues for Teens has been eighteen months in the making, and I hope you will enjoy the end result. 

The monologues are clean, family-friendly, and deliver inspirational messages between the lines.  This book is intended to provide practical,  unique audition and performance material while also encouraging positive attitudes and behaviors in our youth – and audiences.

Monologues for Kids and Tweens 

ISBN 9780998151328

It's the latest book in the young actor series and is designed to fill a very specific niche market in the entertainment industry.

Monologues for Kids and Tweens is a family-friendly collection of 100 monologues for the younger set. They are easily relatable to kids' real-life roles as students, daughters, sons, and siblings.


Practical material to help young people find an effective starting point in the performing arts – and good, clean fun, as well, with positive imagery, ethical questions, and life lessons written between the lines.