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          THE BOOKS

                        "An author ought to write for the youth of his own generation, the critics of the next,  

                       and the schoolmasters of ever afterwards."  

                             – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Scenes for Teens

ISBN 9781497557031


A teaching tool to help simplify and demystify the acting and auditioning process for

teenagers, teachers and parents. The scenes are written for two actors, are gender-neutral,

and intentionally exclude costumes, props, overly-complex stage directions, entrances and exits, and extraneous additional characters. The overall goal is to help young performers practice dialogue in a conversational and realistic manner. This allows actors to focus on

the one-on-one relationship in each scene without distractions.                     


Appropriate for stage, film, and television training. Features an inspiring foreword by

Kevin Sorbo and a clear introduction to the art and business of professional acting by

the author.

Acting Scenes for Kids and Tweens

ISBN 9780998151304


The follow-up book to Scenes for Teen has been in the works for a long, long time. It is similar in theme and style to Scenes for Teens,

but is geared towards younger performers – ages 6 to 13.


The intent is to train young actors to develop conversational speaking and listening skills for stage and screen. The book features a highly  personal foreword  by Disney's Anita Barone and a broad range of scene material.



Monologues for Teens 

ISBN 9780998151311

I couldn't resist ... so I didn't! 

Released in 2018, Monologues for Teens was eighteen months in the making. 

I hope you will enjoy the end result. 

The monologues are clean, family-friendly, and deliver inspirational messages between the lines.  This book is intended to provide practical,  unique audition and performance material while also encouraging positive attitudes and behaviors in our youth – and audiences.

Monologues for Kids and Tweens 

ISBN 9780998151328

It's the 2019 addition to The Young Actor Series and is designed to fill

a very specific niche market in the entertainment industry.

Monologues for Kids and Tweens is a family-friendly collection of 100 monologues for the younger set. They are easily relatable to kids' real-life roles as students, daughters, sons, and siblings. This is practical material to help young people find an effective starting point in the Performing Arts – and good, clean fun, as well.


One-Minute Monologues for Teens

ISBN 9780998151380

Released in 2020, this latest addition to The Young Actor Series is a collection of one-minute monologues for teenagers. 

One-Minute Monologues for Teens is a family-friendly collection of 100 monologues with heart, depth, and clarity. Features an inspiring Foreword by twenty-year-old actor Paris Smith.

Six Critical Essays on Film

ISBN 9780998151351

Six Critical Essays on Film is a clear, succinct guide to Studying and Understanding feature films as both a medium of communication and artistic expression. Intended for college and adult school students. 

The text provides Active, Workable Solutions you can apply today. 

Learn to:

  • Break Films Down into their Component Parts 

  • Evaluate the Elements that work well (and identify those that miss their mark) 

  • Think like a Professor – NOT like a student – when writing your term papers

  • Apply Critical Thinking and Historical Context to all your work

  • Write Outside-the-Box and Inside-the-Head of the Film's Director and Producer

  • Stand out BOLDLY from the college crowd

Monologues for Teens II

ISBN 9781953057006

Monologues for Teens II is the latest installment in The Young Actor Series and the long-awaited follow-up to the award-winning Monologues for Teens. Full voting member of the National Television Academy and longtime NBC Tonight Show sketch comedy performer Mike Kimmel shares a curated collection of the best comedy and drama monologues for 2020. This is a collection with depth, heart, and pathos to challenge young actors and bring out their very best performances. These are monologues they've never heard before – and monologues they'll remember you by!

If you're searching for fresh, emotionally rich performance material with a positive, optimistic viewpoint presenting ethical questions for our youth – then order this clear and definitive new resource – Monologues for Teens II – today. Nail your next audition tomorrow.

Monologues for Kids and Tweens II

Business Title

Short & Simple Title

ISBN 9781953057037

Tired of mean-spirited, snarky performance material for kids? Seeking material with a positive spin? Monologues for Kids and Tweens II is a collection of 100 new comedy and drama pieces for our youngest performers and the 7th installment in The Young Actor Series. The scripts are easily relatable to children’s real-life roles as daughters, sons, siblings, students, and young athletes.


All scripts are clean, family-friendly, and include positive messages, life lessons, and ethical questions for youngsters written between the lines. These monologues and their subttext help parents and teachers model positive attitudes and behaviors in our young performers, their classmates and audiences. 

Monologues for Adults

ISBN 9781953057068

Monologues for Adults is an original collection of family-friendly stage and screen material to help you nail that college drama program audition or professional stage performance. With relatable, real world topics applicable to adults, these pieces require no costumes or props, and discuss ethical questions ideal for deep thinkers to explore. With dozens of gender-neutral and one-of-a-kind performance pieces to choose from, adult actors will find the right piece to take them from zero to callback in no time at all.


Monologues for Adults is the dramatic arts advantage stage and screen actors need for their next audition or live performance. If you like fresh material, optimistic spins, and challenging ideas, you’ll love this definitive new resource.

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