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Ideas Are Everywhere. They're All Around Us.

One of my show biz heroes is Charlie Chaplin. At the height of his career, Chaplin had an idea for a single, isolated movie scene. In this scene, he would play a circus performer stuck in an especially precarious position.

He thought the idea was funny, but couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Eventually, he created an entire feature film – 1928's The Circus – around that one particular scene. Ideas are everywhere. They’re all around us.

I reached into a box of mini-pencils to write a note for myself at the gym one day. I was surprised to see a little green pencil sitting on top of all the little yellow pencils. It occurred to me that we’re all like that little green pencil. Deep down, we know we’re different and unique – but we don’t always act on that knowledge. This became the basis for one of the monologues – and the cover – of my recent book Monologues for Teens. Ideas are everywhere. They’re all around us.

Keep your eyes open. Be on the lookout for good ideas. They’re everywhere. Find one that appeals to you and sit with it for a while. Let it simmer in your mind and see what you can do with it. Chances are it will lead you to another idea or become the beginning of something valuable – and worth pursuing.

Think about this, but don’t rush it. In next month's blog post, we’ll examine the long-term benefits of taking your time.


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