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Staying Productive in December

Actors frequently ask if our business slows down for the holidays.

My answer is yes and no.

Many industry professionals are vacationing. Many offices are closing up early. Holiday parties are in full swing.

However, this down time offers actors an opportunity to play catch-up on some things we may have neglected over the past few months. Everybody needs a little R&R, of course, but we can also use our holiday down time to regroup and refocus our attention.

December is a perfect time to take new photos, clean up your resume, update your casting websites, shoot a scene for your demo reel, learn a new monologue, sit in on an acting class, and practice cold reading scenes with a couple of friends.

It also wouldn’t hurt to take your agent to lunch and strategize for the new year.

Working actors keep working throughout December. It’s always a good idea to keep your instrument tuned … and ready for those new auditions and opportunities when they start popping up in January.


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