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Widen Your Circle

Sometimes actors must widen their circles. If you’re not finding enough acting work where you’re based, it may be worth your while to start travelling to adjoining markets and increase your number of opportunities.

This is not easy on your body or your budget. Driving long distances for auditions can get exhausting and expensive. But many actors start booking more work once they make the commitment to become “road warriors.” Many working pros have this process down to a science and are extremely good at it. They build relationships with agents and casting directors in many different cities. They always have a bag packed. They’re always ready to get in the car (or hop on a plane) at a moment’s notice.

It’s not an easy lifestyle. But I’ve known actors through the years who became extremely frustrated, feeling they had gone as far as they could locally. That frustration led them into action. They achieved greater success when they set out on the open road and increased their number of “at bats” by auditioning in multiple markets. I worked with an actor recently who told me she puts 100,000 miles on her car every year. This is a little extreme, but doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s another example of the commitment solid working actors bring to their craft and careers each day.


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