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Introducing ... Monologues for Teens

I’m very happy to announce the release of my new book, Monologues for Teens.

This book of all-original comedy and drama material has been eighteen months in the making. It's designed to fill a very specific niche market for young actors and their teachers.

Like my two scene books, Scenes for Teens and Acting Scenes for Kids and Tweens, there are inspirational messages and life lessons sprinkled throughout, as well. I’ve found that actors of all ages find these helpful in approaching the day-to-day demands of acting and auditioning.

Emmy Award winner Jean Carol wrote a terrific foreword. Monologues for Teens is available at the link below. Grab a copy for the teenage actor in your life today. These monologues will work for them, I promise.


Scenes for Teens

Acting Scenes for Kids and Tweens

Monologues for Teens

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