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Start the New Year Right

Choose one new positive habit you can adopt this year and stick with it. Crush it. Own it. Make it your own.

The great poet, playwright, and university instructor Mark Van Doren advised us to “bring ideas in and entertain them royally, for one of them may be the king.”

Here’s an idea. Don’t use the term “New Year’s Resolution” in 2018. For many of us, that carries a negative connotation. We’re reminded of past resolutions we didn’t keep for as long as we originally intended. But our past does not have to become our future. We can always change direction by making a conscious decision.

Start 2018 off right – not with a resolution, but with a new healthy, positive, productive habit. Start exercising daily. Drink more water. Stop drinking sodas. Stop using four-letter words. Quit smoking. Quit boozing. Read more. Study more. Write a script. Become a better marketer. Learn a foreign language. Reconnect with old friends. Take a cooking class. Do some volunteer work. Any of the above. Maybe all of the above.

I believe we all know how to improve our lives – but sometimes need a little push in the right direction to put that theoretical knowledge into actual practice.

People make a fresh start and change their lives for the better each and every day.

You can be one of them this year.


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