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A Fresh Creative Challenge for Actors

We've all written academic essays for high school and college classes, but have you ever thought about writing an original two-character scene or monologue for yourself to perform? This is a terrific creative challenge and offers actors opportunities to really stretch ourselves and push hard against the limits of our comfort zones.

An effective way to start is to try rewriting the ending of a favorite movie, TV show, or play. Even better, try rewriting a scene from a script you didn't like very much. Rewrite it until you like it much better. Rewrite it until you love it. Interestingly, you'll probably find this is a lot harder than you think.

In addition to flexing our creative muscles in a new way, this exercise helps actors step inside the minds of our industry's writers. It will also give you an idea of exactly how complex the writer's job can be. I've always felt that writers are the unsung heroes of show business. Writers are not just technicians who churn out printed pages – any more than actors are technicians who give voices to the characters on those pages.

Writing a scene or three helps actors acquire a broader perspective on the business of show. Movies, TV shows, and plays are often complex productions with many different moving parts. It's always valuable to familiarize ourselves with as many of those moving parts as possible.


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